Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Max Playing

Here are some pictures of Max playing in his exersaucer, he really does like it. I can not believe he is 5 months, boy how time flys. Well I hope eveyone is doing well and we cant wait to see everyone in St. George for Christmas!!

She Is To Little

On Friday the kids and I were at a Cindi's house making Christmas treats, when Cindi told me she thought Avery's tooth was loose. Avery kept saying it is really wiggly. I looked and saw nothing and then I looked at her bottom teeth and sure enough it was loose. For a matter of fact it was just hanging there. Shortly after that Brien was at the house, and he did the job of pulling it out. Avery was a little scared at first, but then she thought it was kind of cool. I just cant believe she lost a tooth, I just kept saying she is to little.

Avery's Christmas Tap Dance

Avery's dace class was asked to perform their tap dance an event that was here in town. You really cant see her feet, but it is still fun to watch.