Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is why I love Michigan

Just kidding, I really hate the snow and it was for this reason why I was not excited to move to Michigan. Other than the snow I love Michigan. Most of the time this is me shoveling the snow, but since a big storm was coming in schools were cancelled and so was Brien's rotations for the day. This is Brien starting to shovel the snow, this part was mostly covered by the garage so it was not that bad. Further down the drive way I think it was more around 9 inches.

It took Brien about an hour to do the first half of the drive way and than our neighbor John came over with the big guns. I told Brien if we end up staying in Michigan for residency we are for sure buying a snowblower. This just outside out front door with the piles of snow, and we are expected to get another 2 to 4 inches tonight. That means since Brien has to leave at 5 am to be at the hospital it will be me returning to my shoveling duties. YAY!! (not really)

And here is the backyard, not all of those grills are ours and yes we should have put them in the garage, but now they have become a way to measure how much snow we have.

Now to show you just a few of our Christmas pics. We did the traditional decorating cookies for Santa. As you can see Max just enjoyed eating the tube of frosting. The kids love decorating the cookies and making a mess.
And here we are Christmas morning. Max got cars and things to carry them around in (loves putting things in lunch boxes and taking them with him), Ian got Thomas and Batman stuff, and Avery got a DS and art stuff. That afternoon we drove up to see Grandma and Grandpa Lacher and Garry, Chan, Carter, and Addy. Where the kids were spoiled by the grandparents. It is nice to be so close to family and spend the Holidays with them.