Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wish me Luck

I'm going to need a lot of luck these next couple of day, we are getting rid of the binky! He dose fine during the day, but at night or nap time watch out. We went to the Doctors yesterday and he told us we need to get rid of it so the gap will close and not get worse. I knew all of this, but it is so nice when they are screaming just to put it in. So we have gotten rid of them and hope he will forget about it fast.

The Lizard

Last night the kids were playing out side when Avery found a lizard.

They were so in wounder by it. The poor thing was so scared when I saw it I thought is was dead because it was so still. But when the kids touched its tail it moved.

They chased it off the porch, to the grass and into some bushes. They were trying so hard to get it to come out. Ian was trying to feed it leaves and Avery sang Twinkle Twinkle little Star to get him to come out. Final I told them we had to go in side so he could go back to his family. I hope it didn't die of a heart attack.

Salt Lake

This weekend we went up to Salt Lake to see some family and friends before we head out to Kirksville. We had so much fun seeing everyone. We saw Brien's brother Rich and his family and had fun playing with the water guns and Avery really enjoyed playing in the mud. We went and feed some horse that were down the street, the kids loved it.

Ian wanted to hop over the gate to get a closer look, but when he was feeding them I think he thought he was going to lose a hand, because he would feed them again. Avery loved it ( she loves pony's ) the little horse didn't scare her, but she was more hesitant around the big ones.
After Rich's we went and saw my friend Shahada and her family. She use to live next door and we were always together. It was fun to see Avery and Jacob play so well together and if made me wish she still lived next door.

Jacob,Emily,Ian and Avery on the swing
We also saw some friends Brien had growing up. Jess helped put together a BBQ at the park. It was good to see everyone and there family's and just get caught up on life. Thanks everyone that came out is was good to see you!

We also spent time with Brien's brother Garron and his family but I didn't take any pics while we were with them. And now I wish I had. We had a BBQ with Garrons family, his sister Christen and her family from AZ and his brother John and daughter. We really enjoyed seeing everyone. Avery really liked her uncle John so much,it was hard to get her do anything, she just wanted to play.
The tip was wonderful and seeing just about everyone was great. Thanks to everyone help plan get together for us. And everyone that could make it. It was nice to see you again and we will miss you when we move. Thanks again!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Ian

Can you believe he is TWO!! Time goes by to fast. For Ian's birthday we are having a Mickey Mouse Club House Party. He LOVES Mickey Mouse. He would watch it all day if we would let him. This morning I finished up the cake (Tootles with Mickey on to, not my best but it will work) and the whole time Ian would can up to me, put his hand to his mouth and say "Oh Tootles" it was so funny. I will post more pics of the party later tonight so you can see more.

Happy Birthday Ian we love you tons!!!
To watch the slidshow click on it, but first pause the music on the main page.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Disneyland was so much fun, the kids loved it!!! The first day we went to the beach. It was a little cold so we didn't stay long, but the kids loved the water and the sand. Ian liked to be out in the waves and throw sand into the water. It was funny to watch him, he would grab a handful of sand run to the water and throw it in and run away before the water touched his toes. It was cute to watch. Avery liked everything about it the water, sand and the birds.
The next three days were spent in Disneyland. What made the trip the best was to see the kids enjoy it so much. To see Avery's face when she saw the castle and when Ian saw Mickey made the trip worth it. We went on every ride that the kids could go on, and found out that Avery loves roller coasters. There are some rids we will not be going on next time Pirates, Roger Rabbit and Pinocchio. Ian did fine on all the rids but Roger Rabbit. And Avery told Brien that he can't say yo ho yo ho in the dark ever ever again. Other then that the kids loved it.
It was good to have this little break and have fun as a family. I made a slide show with some on the pictures we took, if you want watch ( I know it is long ) but we had lots of fun.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


He did it!!! We knew he would, but it finally happened. This was Dixie's first Graduation class for their Bachelors in Biology and Brien, Sean and Sam were the first three to receive it. We are so proud of Brien and all the hard work he has done. For the next three months I will have a husband back. YEAH!!!! Saturday we will be leaving to go to Disneyland with the kids, we are so excited to go. With Brien graduating we are one step closer to Med. school and we can't wait.
Here are some pics of last night.