Sunday, September 19, 2010

Avery at 6 years old

Today we went out and took Avery's 6 year old pictures. She just loved this!! She got to dress up fancy and take pictures with her boa. I would pose her than she would pose herself, it was quite cute. Avery brings so much fun and life into our lives she truely is a JOY!!!
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School Time!

She loves to pose, the way she likes

Yesterday was Avery's first day at kindergarden; she picked out her clothes, told me how she wanted her hair done and could not wait for the morning. Here in Michigan it is all day kindergarden, and my only concern with that was it was going to be to long and she would get bored with it. However, it has only been one day, but she loves it!! She had made new friends one of which is Molly. She told me it was Miley, but today when I saw her, her name tag said Molly. Thank goodness for name tags. Avery has never been good with names. Ian misses Avery while she is gone, but on Monday Ian will start preschool and be busy there for a couple of hours. It will be me and Max and I can finally go to the grocery store, anyone with kids will understand what I am talking about. Well time is going by fast, the kids are growing up, next year Avery and Ian will be gone all day at school, than I really will have some free time.