Friday, September 26, 2008

The ER

Last night Brien got out of school early so we thought for dinner we would have a BBQ. Brien fired up the grill and all was going well. The kids were outside playing and having fun. Then it happened, Ian decided to ride his bike. He was trying to get on it when he feel off and hit the grill with his arm. At first we thought he hit his head on the grill, but there was no marks to be found as we brought him in side we saw that his arm had gotten burned. We ran it under cold water and skin started to blister. And as he screamed and cried he would rub off the skin. We knew it was a second degree burn so we went to the ER to make sure that it would be okay. We got there about 6:30 and left about 9:00, and this whole time Ian screamed and cried. I thought this would have speeded things up but it didn't. So now we just have to keep it clean and change his dressing often and in about a week we will go back for a follow up. This could have turned out so much worse then it did, so I am very thankful.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Just wanted to give you all an update. Things have been going well. Brien is of course way busy with school, it seems like there is at least one test every week. But I guess that is what comes with med school. He is doing really well, I so proud of him and all the hard work he is doing. With all this studying and test taking he always makes sure he spends good family time with us. So I thank him for that. He has a test on Monday and no more for the week ( besides his patient encounter), so we are hoping to go camping with some friends before it gets to cold. So that should be fun.
As for me and the kids we are staying pretty busy too. Avery started preschool and LOVES it. She goes every day but Friday for about three hours so that's when Ian and I have our time together. But I can tell he misses Avery. Mom just isn't as fun I guess. The weather is finely looking nice. For the last couple of weeks it has rained like every day, so we had a lot of inside time and going to friends houses to let the kids have some fun. Brien's mom got the kids some rain coats and they have really came in handy.
I will have to remember to take my camera with me when I go out to show all the things we are doing. Just yesterday there was like six deer in our back yard, it was so awesome. But when I drive I feel like I'm contently stopping for the squirrels, they just run out in front of you. I hope that I don't ever hit one.
So that is a little of what is going on with us, we are finely into a routine and it is starting to feel like home. The support we have out here is so nice, I love it. It is making this med. school thing go by much faster and much more enjoyable. Hope all is well with everyone, we miss you!!