Thursday, May 14, 2009


Some of you may or may not know, but yesterday evening a tornado hit Kirksville. We were not hit by it, but many of our friends are without a home. When we first got the warning I though no big deal, we had a warning last week and everything was fine, but as the weather changed for the worse it got a little scary. I was glad to have Brien home with us at this time. There is a lot of open area where we live so we could see the clouds circling and the dark patch of clouds moving. Then we got a phone call that it had hit the north part of town and roofs were torn off and peoples houses were gone. Then it hit me that this really happened and we are lucky to be safe. Needless to say a different plan has been set in place, so if this happens again we know what to do. We had talked about it before, but like most others never thought it would really happen. I am glad we are ok, but my heart goes out to those that lost their homes. I guess what I have learned is to be better prepared.