Saturday, October 11, 2008


Still-A-Bration is really founder's day for the school. And this year they did a Western theme. For the kids they had Pony Rides, Jumping House, Cowboy Branding (Tattoo Station),Coloring & Sheriff’s Vest Station, Rawhide Roping, Beanbag Toss and bubbles. The kids had so much fun!! Ian loved the bubbles and stayed there most of the time. As always Avery was everywhere. They did have adult games, but we mostly stayed with the kids. After games they had a dinner, dancing and a talent show. It was a lot of fun and a good way to spend time together.

Who are you most like?

I have nothing to do today, other then bake a cake and it is cooling right now. So I love the Twilight books and found this site and took the test. It was something to pass the time, try it if you want and see who you are most like.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Corn Maze

Last week my mom came to see us and she stayed for a whole week!! It was so nice to see her and the kids just loved having her with us. While she was here we went to the corn maze and had a lot of fun. Ian was justing getting over a cold so he wasn't as happy as usual, but I think he had fun. Avery had a blast, they had a jump house, straw they could jump into, a tractor ride, a cannon that shot corn to the cows and straw bail maze not to mention the corn maze.

Ian in the straw bail maze

My mom, Avery,Ian and me on the tractor ride

Avery as a pig

Avery jumping into the straw, she loved this!!

Brien and Ian jumping into the straw

Nana and Ian

Avery shooting the corn cannon at the cows

The corn maze was shaped liked a train, so in the middle of the maze they had a whistle

At the start of the maze we let Avery pick the way we should go, but that lasted only about a ten minutes. We kept going in circles. Then Brien and I took over the leading, but we were not doing very well. Then we ran into some friends and they had a map so we were able to find our way out. I don't know how long we were in there, but it seemed like forever. It was fun, but I was glad to be out. This is a picture of Avery as we got out of the maze.


When we moved to Kirksville I didn't realize how close we were to all the Church sites. I have never been to any of them so I was really excited when Brien had a free weekend. Some friends of ours wanted to go to a session at the Nauvoo temple so we took a road trip down to Nauvoo. It was kind of last minute thing so we didn't get a babysitter, but it was fun to see the town and the kids had a good time as well. I really didn't take to many pictures because I was enjoying it all and taking it all in. I know this isn't going to be last time that we come here so I'll take more pictures next time. Here are some of the pictures that we took
This is us in front of the Nauvoo Temple

Joseph and Emma's House


Hyrum, Joseph and Emma's graves. Also the area next to the house where the graves are

Ian playing with some wood animals

Avery after she made some rope