Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Max Playing

Here are some pictures of Max playing in his exersaucer, he really does like it. I can not believe he is 5 months, boy how time flys. Well I hope eveyone is doing well and we cant wait to see everyone in St. George for Christmas!!

She Is To Little

On Friday the kids and I were at a Cindi's house making Christmas treats, when Cindi told me she thought Avery's tooth was loose. Avery kept saying it is really wiggly. I looked and saw nothing and then I looked at her bottom teeth and sure enough it was loose. For a matter of fact it was just hanging there. Shortly after that Brien was at the house, and he did the job of pulling it out. Avery was a little scared at first, but then she thought it was kind of cool. I just cant believe she lost a tooth, I just kept saying she is to little.

Avery's Christmas Tap Dance

Avery's dace class was asked to perform their tap dance an event that was here in town. You really cant see her feet, but it is still fun to watch.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween and more

Since I have not posted in a while I will start with Halloween. Well for the kids choosing a costume seemed to be a bit of a challenge this year. At first Avery and Ian would pick a different costume everyday. So one day I said we are picking what we want to be and it is final, Avery picked a monarch butterfly and Ian picked bumble bee (the transformer). Well when I went to get costumes Avery's coustume was all out and they didn't have Ian's costume in his size. I looked online and they were all out, so I made them pick again, Avery said she would be a witch, but a pretty witch and Ian kept changing his mind. The last thing he said was a turtle so that is what he got. Ian would go around and say he was Ian the monster turtle, it was really funny. Max was the easiest one to buy a costume for, I found a cute monkey costume that was nice and warm and he looked so cute in it. Although, he spent most of Halloween asleep. To sum up Halloween, the kids loved it, Ian still is sleeping with his pumpkin and I have most of the candy hidden from them. All they want to do is eat candy. I have also included some pictures of the kids at the ward Halloween party and the kids making cookies and carving pumpkins, or should I say coloring pumpkins.

This is Max's 3 month picture, yes I know he is 4 months now, what can I saw I am behind. He is growing up so fast, he started to roll over at 3 months, much sooner then I thought he would. He loves to laugh and smiles all the time, he really is a happy little guy. Avery still gives him way to much love and at times it drives me crazy. But at least she loves him.

Brien and I are doing well, Brien has two more weeks of school before it is Thanksgiving break. One of which is finals week, I will be glad when this quarter is over. I think he will too. I will be done with my associates on December 13, YAY!!! It is in busniess administration with a emphasis in medical billing and coding. Then in January I move on to my BA in healthcare administration, and then I will be done. I almost forgot in June we will be moving to Michigan, the Trenton area. Why the move, this is were Brien will do his rotations for the next two years. The school does what they call a match, every student puts in their top 6 places were they would like to do their rotations and a machine randomly gives them a spot. Lucky for us we got our first pick. I am excited for the move, but not the weather. I do miss St. George, but we will be going back for Christmas so that will be really fun. I guess I will just have to visit St. George for while until Brien is all done with school. Then who is to say we will make it back. Until then life will go on, so far it has been an adventure and a good one at that.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Busy, Busy,Busy

Ever since Max came into our lives, there is not enough time to get everything done. So needless to say blogging has been pushed to the bottom of the list. But today I was making it a goal to get it done so I'm not too far behind. Brien has started school again and is almost done with fourth quarter. They say fifth quarter is a killer, so I'm planning on not seeing him at all. So cross your fingers that I make it through it. As for me I am busy with the kids and school (only 5 more class left), Avery will start pre-school after Labor Day, so that will be nice. Ian is still potty training, he just will not poop in the potty. So I hope he will get that soon, really soon. Max is getting bigger every day and I wish he would just stay little. He has been so much fun getting to know. So here is a little of what we have been up to for all you blog readers.

We had a wet 4th of July this year, but it was still lots of fun. In the morning it was raining just a little so we put the kids in their raincoats and went to the parade. Where they got way to much candy. After the parade we had plans to have a BBQ and do fireworks with some friends. The rain had let up by this time so it was really nice. Brien was so excited to do fireworks, because back in Utah all the fun ones were illegal (like that stopped him before) so he could not wait. It did start to sprinkle a little bit, but not enough to stop the fun.

My parents came to see us in July, or should I say they came to see Avery, Ian, and Max. No matter how you say it it was good to see them. While they were here we thought it would be a good time to bless Max; because this would be the only time my dad could make it out this way. Brien's mom and stepdad Gary came to see us the week before so we were not sure if they could make it out here again so soon, but they did and it was so nice to see them. Also, Brien's dad came out, we have not seen him in such a long time we were so glad he made it. And as a treat Brien's brother Dave was able to come, and it was good to see him. It was so nice to have so much family around even if it was for just a little while. Max was blessed by. (going left to right in the picture) David, Chase, Tim,Brien, James, and Don. On July 19, 2009.

While my parents were in town we thought it would be fun to go to the fair. The kids had so much fun on all the rides that they had there. Brien was even able to win them both a prize. First Avery wanted a prize and he won the game and she picked a dragon. Then Ian saw it and wanted one too. Luckly Brien won the game and got Ian a dragon, if he had not won I think Ian would not let us leave until he got one.

Avery grew this flower from a seed that she got at preschool. She is so proud of it. Everyday she would go out and water it. We just might have a little gardner on our hands.

I cannot believe that Avery is 5!! Time has gone by so fast. For her party she said she wanted to have a princess party; so we invited some friends and had our party. It was really fun my friend Cindi came and helped me out, the girls made princess hats and necklesses, had a princess lunch and played games. They all seemed to have a fun time. After the party we gave Avery her presents, she got a big bike. She loved it; she went riding it around until she crashed. She scraped her knee pretty good, so after that she said we had to get a helmet and knee and elbow pads. So we did and she now rides her bike all the time.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Max Miller

Max Tim Miller June 24, 2009 7lb. 7oz. 20"
I was induced on the 24 of June due to the fact that I was having kidney problems, it seems to only happen when I am pregnant. Max is such a good baby he sleeps most of the time. I am also lucky to have Brien home for the summer, it has been so nice to have him around and to help out with the kids. I will really hate it when he starts back to school on the 27; so for now we are enjoying the time we have together as a family and are enjoying our new little guy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ian's 3rd Birthday
Ian turned 3 on May 22, but since it was finals week we decided to do have his party the following week. We had some friends over, ate hot dogs and let the kids play in the sprinkler and little pool. Whike the kids played in the pool the adults had their own little water party. There was a water ballon fight and Brien got a bucket of water dumped over him, it was pretty funny. All in all we had a great time and I think the kids did too.

Avery's Dance Recital

Avery had her first dance recital at the end of May. It was so cute to watch her dance. She would sing the songs and dance it was so cute. She really enjoys it and I am glad she does. Her first dance is Jesus Loves the Little Children, every year the dance studio does a performance based around Jesus. A little strange to me, but she loves the song. The next dance was the Mexican Hat Dance. She gets a little mixed up during the circle part, but finds a place in the end. The last Dance is the Lonely Goathearder, and I love the costumes. At the begining there is a girl in front of her, but we were able to see Avery for the last part of the dance. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It is cute to watch them when they first learn to dance.


Well Brien has finished his first year of medical school. YAAAAA!!! It is going to be nice to have him around. I am so proud of all that he has accomplished this year, he has done awesome. Starting June 8 he will be doing a preceptorship in Unionville; which is about 45 min to an hour away(so not to far) He will do that for two weeks. What it is, is kind of like shadowing a Doctor, but he will be able to diagnose the patients. I am posting a pic of him and his hair cut he got, due to losing a coin toss to Chris. He still finds time to do dumb things. It has since grown out and I just gave him a haircut. So needless to say he had been sportting a hat for the last 3 weeks.

I have to show you this pic. One day Brien came home and just crashed on the floor, and the kids decided to put him to bed. It was so cute I had to take a picture.

As for me I have a week off for school, so that is nice. Then I have to cram all I can get done before the baby comes, which I hope is soon. The kids are keeping me busy as usual. We are trying to potty train Ian right know, so if you have any great ideas, I am up to hear them. Other than that I am just ready to have this baby and add more chaos to my life.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Some of you may or may not know, but yesterday evening a tornado hit Kirksville. We were not hit by it, but many of our friends are without a home. When we first got the warning I though no big deal, we had a warning last week and everything was fine, but as the weather changed for the worse it got a little scary. I was glad to have Brien home with us at this time. There is a lot of open area where we live so we could see the clouds circling and the dark patch of clouds moving. Then we got a phone call that it had hit the north part of town and roofs were torn off and peoples houses were gone. Then it hit me that this really happened and we are lucky to be safe. Needless to say a different plan has been set in place, so if this happens again we know what to do. We had talked about it before, but like most others never thought it would really happen. I am glad we are ok, but my heart goes out to those that lost their homes. I guess what I have learned is to be better prepared.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crazy Weather

One thing is for sure, Missouri weather is crazy. We were told if you don't like the weather in Missouri wait ten minutes and it will change. That is no lie. Last week it rained almost everyday, and yesterday it snowed like crazy, then today it was 53 degrees. I thought it was going to start to warm up, not here. So with all the snow Brien and the kids and our neighbors Chris and Shannon decided to build a snowman. We were thinking we would build a regular snow man, but not Chris. He thought we should build a mega snowman. Brien and the kids helped do the bottom of the snowman, but we had plans to go see Monsters vs Aliens so we had to bail and told Chris we would come back to help finish. We left at 4 and at 6 chris texted Brien saying it was done. It was so funny, he stayed out there to finish it. When we got back from the movie and dinner we went over and took a picture with Chris. The kids get so excited to go outside and look at the snowman. I have a feeling it will be around for a long time.
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St. Louis

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Over spring break we took a trip down to St. Louis and we had so much fun, it was nice to get away for a couple of days. The weather was great and so were the kids. They loved the zoo and the museum, Avery thinks we should go back everyday. So here are a couple of pictures of our trip.

Friday, March 13, 2009

We're are having a ????

Sorry, we have known for a while, but we are having another boy. Finals are finally over another quarter down just a bunch more to go. Brien has a week break so we are going to Saint Louis for two days. We are planning on going to the zoo, children's science museum, the arch, and just have fun. I will post some pics when we get back.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fish Family

Avery really wanted to get a frog. So we told her she had to earn it by being good and obeying. So every time that she did this we got her something for her frog tank. A couple of weeks ago she got to put it all together. As you can see there is not a frog, but fish. When we went to go get the store they were all out of frogs, so we asked her if she wanted a fish. She then saw some pink fish and said that is what she wanted. We got the fish and put them in the tank and had them for about 2 weeks, then I decided I would clean the tank. I ended up killing all the fish. I didn't know you had to put chemicals in the water to make it cleaner. I was hoping Avery wouldn't notice that the fish were gone, but of course she did. So when she asked where the fish were I told her and to my surprise she took it really well. So the following Saturday Brien took Avery back to the store and brought back two yellow fish, and two pink fish and one snail. They will glow under a black light. Brien learned about them in undergraduate and thought they were pretty cool. As for the snail Avery told him they are slimy, gross and disgusting but she has to have one. So this is now her fish family and Brien is in charge of cleaning it out. She has named them pinkies, yellows, and pinkie snail.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our Tiny Dancer

Avery had her first dance review Saturday. It was to get the kids ready for the spring rehearsal in May and it is a tradition for them to do this performance. It was your typical dance for a four year old, but she loved it. We couldn't get the camcorder to work and it was really dark so pictures didn't turn out, but this is a couple of the good ones. The thing that made me mad was the next day I messed around with the camcorder and it started to work. I guess we will be ready for the May recital.

Fire Station

Last Friday was the children's social and we went to the fire station. The kids just loved it!! When the firefighter put on all the gear I thought that the kids would be a little scared, but they thought it as kind of cool. Avery just wanted to stand by the firefighter all day. Ian even gave him a high five. When they took us out to see all the fire trucks Ian was in heaven. He kept wanting the firfighter to pick him up, he was so happy. Avery liked to sit in the driver seat and hold on to the steering wheel. But I think they liked it the best when the firefighters slid down the fire poles. We had a lot of fun!!


I know Christmas was like a month ago, I'm a little slow on this blogging stuff. Well for Christmas we went back to Utah to see the family. We had a lot of, but the drive was way to long. 21 hours in a car is not what I call fun, we did break it up into a 2 day trip. So I told my mom if we come out next year we will be flying. Before we left the SAA (it's like a support group for all the wives and significant others of the medical students) had Santa come to see all the kids. Avery and Ian were so excited to see him, but as soon as they got their bag of candy they were done. So the day before we left to Utah there was an ice storm, there was a like inch or so of ice covering everything. Brien was at the school studying and when he left to come home like at 1 or 2 a.m. the car was stuck. It took him about half hour to get out of the parking lot. He was about to give up and sleep at the school, but he made it home. As for Christmas in Utah it was great, we just hung out with family and saw a couple of friends and enjoyed the time we had with everyone. The kids did really well on the drive there and back, which makes things go more smoother. Here are a couple of pics.