Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ian's 3rd Birthday
Ian turned 3 on May 22, but since it was finals week we decided to do have his party the following week. We had some friends over, ate hot dogs and let the kids play in the sprinkler and little pool. Whike the kids played in the pool the adults had their own little water party. There was a water ballon fight and Brien got a bucket of water dumped over him, it was pretty funny. All in all we had a great time and I think the kids did too.

Avery's Dance Recital

Avery had her first dance recital at the end of May. It was so cute to watch her dance. She would sing the songs and dance it was so cute. She really enjoys it and I am glad she does. Her first dance is Jesus Loves the Little Children, every year the dance studio does a performance based around Jesus. A little strange to me, but she loves the song. The next dance was the Mexican Hat Dance. She gets a little mixed up during the circle part, but finds a place in the end. The last Dance is the Lonely Goathearder, and I love the costumes. At the begining there is a girl in front of her, but we were able to see Avery for the last part of the dance. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It is cute to watch them when they first learn to dance.


Well Brien has finished his first year of medical school. YAAAAA!!! It is going to be nice to have him around. I am so proud of all that he has accomplished this year, he has done awesome. Starting June 8 he will be doing a preceptorship in Unionville; which is about 45 min to an hour away(so not to far) He will do that for two weeks. What it is, is kind of like shadowing a Doctor, but he will be able to diagnose the patients. I am posting a pic of him and his hair cut he got, due to losing a coin toss to Chris. He still finds time to do dumb things. It has since grown out and I just gave him a haircut. So needless to say he had been sportting a hat for the last 3 weeks.

I have to show you this pic. One day Brien came home and just crashed on the floor, and the kids decided to put him to bed. It was so cute I had to take a picture.

As for me I have a week off for school, so that is nice. Then I have to cram all I can get done before the baby comes, which I hope is soon. The kids are keeping me busy as usual. We are trying to potty train Ian right know, so if you have any great ideas, I am up to hear them. Other than that I am just ready to have this baby and add more chaos to my life.


Clenece/Good Or Free Deals said...

I didn't know you were taking a class! What class is it? Good luck in your final weeks of pregnancy!

Jess said...

Nice haircut, Bri! And Whit, my hat's off to you for two kids, pregnancy, med school wife + your own school work. You're amazing :)

Tammy K said...

28 more days of being prego!!!

and dito to jess (above my comment)...super mom!

Christen said...

love it all. I can't believe how adorable Avery looked dancing, it gets me so excited. Well I can believe that she was adorable, thanks for sharing. I hope Ian had a great bday and wow is Brien working that hard that he crashes on the floor? just kidding- We love you all, and we are glad you are safe. and brain, quit doing dumb things.

heather said...

Sounds like you guys have been pretty busy. How far along are you? Tell Brain that is haircut rocks and not to hide it. You sound like a crazy busy momma!

samsthree said...

Happy Birthday Ian, I love th dinosaur cake. Avery's dance was too cute. I am excited Isabelle and Olivia want to do dance next year. I had to laugh about the crashing on the floor and the haircut. Ya I don't cut Mikes hair, I won't even go into that. Can't wait for the baby to come.

MOMssportspix said...

Happy Birthday Ian. Avery you are so adorable in your dance costum. I am sure you stold the show. Brien I just love it. I had a good laugh. We use to say Kirk had an off button on his back side. Any time he sat down he would fall asleep. Get it while you can...zzzzzzz Whitney hope finals went well.