Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween and more

Since I have not posted in a while I will start with Halloween. Well for the kids choosing a costume seemed to be a bit of a challenge this year. At first Avery and Ian would pick a different costume everyday. So one day I said we are picking what we want to be and it is final, Avery picked a monarch butterfly and Ian picked bumble bee (the transformer). Well when I went to get costumes Avery's coustume was all out and they didn't have Ian's costume in his size. I looked online and they were all out, so I made them pick again, Avery said she would be a witch, but a pretty witch and Ian kept changing his mind. The last thing he said was a turtle so that is what he got. Ian would go around and say he was Ian the monster turtle, it was really funny. Max was the easiest one to buy a costume for, I found a cute monkey costume that was nice and warm and he looked so cute in it. Although, he spent most of Halloween asleep. To sum up Halloween, the kids loved it, Ian still is sleeping with his pumpkin and I have most of the candy hidden from them. All they want to do is eat candy. I have also included some pictures of the kids at the ward Halloween party and the kids making cookies and carving pumpkins, or should I say coloring pumpkins.

This is Max's 3 month picture, yes I know he is 4 months now, what can I saw I am behind. He is growing up so fast, he started to roll over at 3 months, much sooner then I thought he would. He loves to laugh and smiles all the time, he really is a happy little guy. Avery still gives him way to much love and at times it drives me crazy. But at least she loves him.

Brien and I are doing well, Brien has two more weeks of school before it is Thanksgiving break. One of which is finals week, I will be glad when this quarter is over. I think he will too. I will be done with my associates on December 13, YAY!!! It is in busniess administration with a emphasis in medical billing and coding. Then in January I move on to my BA in healthcare administration, and then I will be done. I almost forgot in June we will be moving to Michigan, the Trenton area. Why the move, this is were Brien will do his rotations for the next two years. The school does what they call a match, every student puts in their top 6 places were they would like to do their rotations and a machine randomly gives them a spot. Lucky for us we got our first pick. I am excited for the move, but not the weather. I do miss St. George, but we will be going back for Christmas so that will be really fun. I guess I will just have to visit St. George for while until Brien is all done with school. Then who is to say we will make it back. Until then life will go on, so far it has been an adventure and a good one at that.