Friday, July 25, 2008

Before We Move

This is going to be the last post that I post until we get to Kirksville. We will be packing up all little things tomorrow, which means bye bye to the computer. We want to thank everyone for all their help in this moving process, but most of all your friendship. That is what we will miss most. I will try and be better at posting now that we will be so far away so that everyone can still see us. You have no idea how much we will miss all of you thanks again keep in touch. We love you. The Millers :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July

For this 4Th we wanted to keep it simple because this is the last time we will see our family in a long time. So we just had a little BBQ

Brien and my Dad were in charge of the Grill

While I watched the kids in the pool

After dinner we did some poppers

and sparklers

We went out back and had some Popsicles and waited for the sun to go down

When it was dark the kids went and sat on the curb. We lite some fireworks and the kids loved it, they just sat there . I was so happy because for my kids to set anywhere longer the 10 sec. is a miracle. But then it happened, Brien lite of whistler. At first it was great it went off and the kids loved it then the whistleing came and I have never seen Ian run faster. I as about to take a pic of them with the firework going off, but instead I got this.

A nice blur shot of Ian. It was so funny. And for the rest of the firework show Ian watched from the safety of the garage. I hope everyone enjoyed the 4Th like we did.

New Car

For the longest time we have been a one car family and I hated it. So we went and bought a car. Some of you have wanted to see our new car, but because we don't live by you I will send this pic. It is a GMC Acadia, and I LOVE IT!!! Brien had me test drive the Suzuki's, Durango, Journey, Pilot the list could go on. But this was the car I wanted and when he drove it he understood why I liked so much. We will be breaking it in when we drive it to Kirksville at the end of July.