Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July

For this 4Th we wanted to keep it simple because this is the last time we will see our family in a long time. So we just had a little BBQ

Brien and my Dad were in charge of the Grill

While I watched the kids in the pool

After dinner we did some poppers

and sparklers

We went out back and had some Popsicles and waited for the sun to go down

When it was dark the kids went and sat on the curb. We lite some fireworks and the kids loved it, they just sat there . I was so happy because for my kids to set anywhere longer the 10 sec. is a miracle. But then it happened, Brien lite of whistler. At first it was great it went off and the kids loved it then the whistleing came and I have never seen Ian run faster. I as about to take a pic of them with the firework going off, but instead I got this.

A nice blur shot of Ian. It was so funny. And for the rest of the firework show Ian watched from the safety of the garage. I hope everyone enjoyed the 4Th like we did.


Jen (momofmandm) said...

That sounds like a lot of fun, just relaxing and not doing anything too stressful. It seems like a lot of times we go to so much trouble to do all these great elaborate things and end up being so worn out that it is not any fun. I miss you guys and it is so fun to read about how you are doing with your blog. Good luck with getting ready to move. I hope I get to come down and see you before you leave for good. When are you guys taking off?

Jess said...

Looks like a great weekend! How cute that Ian stayed safely in the garage :) Congrats on the 2nd car, too.

Ghan Family said...

Looks like you had tons of fun!!!! And loving the new car - glad you guys got it. I will be stoked when we are a 2 car family as well lol!!

Erin said...

Hey is 5:00 good for you guys on Saturday???

The Mulford Family said...

Whit!! oh my goodness it's been forever..Your kids are so dang cute and your little girl looks just like you. I miss you and guys look great!! I'm just getting started with this blogging thing..everyone has been telling me to get on here so here I

Miller said...

I am excited to see you guys. thanks for making the trip. see ya soon. It is too bad that you didnt come this weekend. Jazz fest on the river is happening. you can here the music right now.