Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finally, this one is for you!!

This post is for all you that tell me I need to update the blog, and yes I agree with you all it has been along time since an update of any kind has been posted. So let me bring you up to with what is going on at the Miller home. I will start off by telling you that our computer crashed, again, and I did end up losing a couple of pictures that I had recently uploaded to the computer. Luckily I got caught up on my scrapbooking so they are not lost forever. Other then putting the computer back together, I am busy taking care of the kids, doing school work, trying to maintain a clean house, being stressed about moving to Michigan, losing the last bit of baby weight (which is coming off much to slowly) and trying to keep my sanity. As for Brien it is school like always, busy, busy, but we are almost done with our second year and than two more after that, then 3 to 5 years of residency and then we are done. And yes that is a long time, sometimes it is hard to picture that day when we are done, but others tell me it will come and that it is worth it. Well enough of that lets get to the pictures. This is an update of Max, whom is now 8 months old, how time flies. He is now crawling and getting quite good at it. He started out by getting up in the crawling position and than hopping like a frog to move around. Then he figured it out that you could get your toes involved and then he would move into the downward dog pose move his toes forward than back down to his belly. It was so funny to watch. But now he is just starting to crawl the normal way. It has been fun to watch him figure out how to move his tiny body around. Avery and Ian just love him to death.

Here are some picture of us at the carnival the SAA put on. There was a giant slide, a bungee run, Velcro wall, sumo suits, mini golf, a life size operation table, giant twister board (that was mostly used as a trampoline) and yummy food. Needless to say it was a lot of fun. An hour before it opened they let the kids come and play on everything, but at 6:30 it was all for the adults and the kids went to the babysitting area. It was lots of fun and we got to enjoy acting like big kids. Brien and James sumo wrestled. I thought the suits looked to sweaty and gross and passed on the sumo wrestling. I liked the bungee run and the Velcro wall, (Sarah I still need to give you pictures of that night). Needless to say we had a good time and are lucky to have the SAA that puts on such fun events for us.

For Christmas, yes that was along time ago, but it has been along time since the last post, we went back to St. George for Christmas. We flew into Veges and decided while we were there we would go to the shark reef aquarium at Mandalay Bay. It was cool to see and the kids just loved it. Avery wanted to pet the sting rays, but when she put her hand in the water she got scared and thought it would bite her, and pulled her hand out. At least she attempted it. After the aquarium we went to eat with my mom and dad at there buffet because it is so good. Well we were all trying to check us in at the little computer thing, because it is a job that takes four adults, not really, but as we were doing this I noticed that Ian was gone. We all started to panic, he was no where in sight, I looked out and just saw tons of people in the casino and knew he was out there somewhere. Brien took off towards the aquarium thinking he might have tried to go back, my mom stayed at the buffet entrance with Avery while my dad and I were on our way to look in the casino. I then saw my dad point and start to jog a little and sure enough he had found Ian, just walking around the slot machines. I ran to grab him and of course he saw me running and thought it was a game and he too started to run. He ran to a slot machine started to climb on the stool and said lets play a game. I then told him these games are not for kids and he needs to stay by mommy and daddy. Losing your kid in a Las Vegas casino is not something I ever want to experience again.

Then there is Christmas at my parents. It was so nice to be back home with all my family and enjoy the holidays. It was good times and good memories. I hope this post has satisfied all of you , because who knows when it will be updated again. Just kidding I will try to be better and not let it go for that long, but until then I hope you all are doing well, we love and miss you so much.