Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our Tiny Dancer

Avery had her first dance review Saturday. It was to get the kids ready for the spring rehearsal in May and it is a tradition for them to do this performance. It was your typical dance for a four year old, but she loved it. We couldn't get the camcorder to work and it was really dark so pictures didn't turn out, but this is a couple of the good ones. The thing that made me mad was the next day I messed around with the camcorder and it started to work. I guess we will be ready for the May recital.

Fire Station

Last Friday was the children's social and we went to the fire station. The kids just loved it!! When the firefighter put on all the gear I thought that the kids would be a little scared, but they thought it as kind of cool. Avery just wanted to stand by the firefighter all day. Ian even gave him a high five. When they took us out to see all the fire trucks Ian was in heaven. He kept wanting the firfighter to pick him up, he was so happy. Avery liked to sit in the driver seat and hold on to the steering wheel. But I think they liked it the best when the firefighters slid down the fire poles. We had a lot of fun!!


I know Christmas was like a month ago, I'm a little slow on this blogging stuff. Well for Christmas we went back to Utah to see the family. We had a lot of, but the drive was way to long. 21 hours in a car is not what I call fun, we did break it up into a 2 day trip. So I told my mom if we come out next year we will be flying. Before we left the SAA (it's like a support group for all the wives and significant others of the medical students) had Santa come to see all the kids. Avery and Ian were so excited to see him, but as soon as they got their bag of candy they were done. So the day before we left to Utah there was an ice storm, there was a like inch or so of ice covering everything. Brien was at the school studying and when he left to come home like at 1 or 2 a.m. the car was stuck. It took him about half hour to get out of the parking lot. He was about to give up and sleep at the school, but he made it home. As for Christmas in Utah it was great, we just hung out with family and saw a couple of friends and enjoyed the time we had with everyone. The kids did really well on the drive there and back, which makes things go more smoother. Here are a couple of pics.