Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fish Family

Avery really wanted to get a frog. So we told her she had to earn it by being good and obeying. So every time that she did this we got her something for her frog tank. A couple of weeks ago she got to put it all together. As you can see there is not a frog, but fish. When we went to go get the store they were all out of frogs, so we asked her if she wanted a fish. She then saw some pink fish and said that is what she wanted. We got the fish and put them in the tank and had them for about 2 weeks, then I decided I would clean the tank. I ended up killing all the fish. I didn't know you had to put chemicals in the water to make it cleaner. I was hoping Avery wouldn't notice that the fish were gone, but of course she did. So when she asked where the fish were I told her and to my surprise she took it really well. So the following Saturday Brien took Avery back to the store and brought back two yellow fish, and two pink fish and one snail. They will glow under a black light. Brien learned about them in undergraduate and thought they were pretty cool. As for the snail Avery told him they are slimy, gross and disgusting but she has to have one. So this is now her fish family and Brien is in charge of cleaning it out. She has named them pinkies, yellows, and pinkie snail.