Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Time For A Dip

Since the weather has been great we took the kids swimming. My parents and my sister Coree’s kids came with us and we had so much fun. We went about seven that night and it was perfect!! Avery loves the water and I knew she would enjoy it. Ian I was not sure how he would like it, but he LOVED IT. He would walk around, go up and down the stair and didn’t mind when he fell in and got his face wet. Then he started to get out of the water and jump to us. It was so much fun. It started to get a little cold so we went to the indoor pool. Avery and Maddi would swim down to the deep end, climb up the latter and run back down to jump in. They did this the whole time. After we had been there for over an hour we came home. We got the kids ready for bed and they were out in no time. The good thing about swimming is it makes the kids really tired, they slept great that night.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bath Time

This was so funny, well to me any way. Avery has taught Ian many things and one of them is how to pretend to be a dog. Well at bath time tonight Ian was doing just that. I have found many of the bath toys with teeth marks in them and this is why. Ian would put a toy in his mouth and drop them outside of the tub and he did this the whole time. I found it quite funny. They always seem to make me laugh.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Catch Up

Things around here have been very crazy so let me start at the begining to get you all caught up.

Easter, Brien had the flu and Ian had the flu with a croupy cough. So for about 3 weeks I was taking care of my sick family. So last Sunday was the first time they wore there Easter clothes and I have yet to take a picture of that, but here out some of Easter morning.
Avery got a tea set(by the way there is water every where now) and Ian got a Car's race track.

While Ian got better Brien's flu turned into a sinus infection and was still sick for about another week or so. While this was going on we were able to find someone who wanted the house but we had to be out in THREE DAYS!!! So while Brien was at school I packed the house up in boxes and thanks to Brien and all his friends we moved out all in one day. With out all the help with trucks and trailer and not to mention all the man muscles we would not have done it, so thanks guys!!! Brien and I cleaned it out that night and the next morning, had the carpets cleaned and it was done. Thank goodness!
All of our stuff is in a storage unit and we are living at my parents' house. So far so good. Ian has had a little trouble getting use to the new sleeping arrangements so I have found him in some funny places. Here is one.

Now things our getting back to normal, if you can call things normal. Things have worked out for us so fast and we are truly blessed for it. On May 2ND Brien will graduate with is Bachelors in Biology, then we are taking a family trip to Disneyland, I'm so excited for that. Than we will hang out here for a little while. Brien and I plan on going some where just the two of us. Then in July coming up to Salt Lake to say good bye to family and friends. On July 27 Brien and his friend will move all our stuff to Missouri and my mom, the kids and I will fly out on the 31. Medical school is going to be a big change for us, but I'm so proud of Brien and all his hard work to get us there. I can't wait to start the adventure.
I just have to throw in these pics of Ian getting stuck it the kitchen and in a box. It was so funny.