Friday, October 10, 2008


When we moved to Kirksville I didn't realize how close we were to all the Church sites. I have never been to any of them so I was really excited when Brien had a free weekend. Some friends of ours wanted to go to a session at the Nauvoo temple so we took a road trip down to Nauvoo. It was kind of last minute thing so we didn't get a babysitter, but it was fun to see the town and the kids had a good time as well. I really didn't take to many pictures because I was enjoying it all and taking it all in. I know this isn't going to be last time that we come here so I'll take more pictures next time. Here are some of the pictures that we took
This is us in front of the Nauvoo Temple

Joseph and Emma's House


Hyrum, Joseph and Emma's graves. Also the area next to the house where the graves are

Ian playing with some wood animals

Avery after she made some rope


Emily Ortiz said...

I would love to go there. That is cool that you live so close!

Thompson Family said...

How fun, I hope sometime within our two years here we as well will make it over there! How far are you guys from Nauvoo?

Erin said...

That is sooooooo neat! I haven't ever been there either. I got chills when I saw the picture of the head stones. How far away is Nauvoo from where you live?

Miller said...

We are about two hours from Nauvoo and about hour and a half from Carthage