Thursday, May 29, 2008

Salt Lake

This weekend we went up to Salt Lake to see some family and friends before we head out to Kirksville. We had so much fun seeing everyone. We saw Brien's brother Rich and his family and had fun playing with the water guns and Avery really enjoyed playing in the mud. We went and feed some horse that were down the street, the kids loved it.

Ian wanted to hop over the gate to get a closer look, but when he was feeding them I think he thought he was going to lose a hand, because he would feed them again. Avery loved it ( she loves pony's ) the little horse didn't scare her, but she was more hesitant around the big ones.
After Rich's we went and saw my friend Shahada and her family. She use to live next door and we were always together. It was fun to see Avery and Jacob play so well together and if made me wish she still lived next door.

Jacob,Emily,Ian and Avery on the swing
We also saw some friends Brien had growing up. Jess helped put together a BBQ at the park. It was good to see everyone and there family's and just get caught up on life. Thanks everyone that came out is was good to see you!

We also spent time with Brien's brother Garron and his family but I didn't take any pics while we were with them. And now I wish I had. We had a BBQ with Garrons family, his sister Christen and her family from AZ and his brother John and daughter. We really enjoyed seeing everyone. Avery really liked her uncle John so much,it was hard to get her do anything, she just wanted to play.
The tip was wonderful and seeing just about everyone was great. Thanks to everyone help plan get together for us. And everyone that could make it. It was nice to see you again and we will miss you when we move. Thanks again!!


heather said...

It was great to see you guys. Your kids are so cute!

Tara said...

Hey Millers!! I am so sorry we missed out on seeing you guys! Seriously though if you come down to Vegas before you leave give us a ring. We could meet up for dinner or something. I know Ralz would love to see the Brain! Your kids are darling by the way!

Jess said...

Wow, you guys really made the most of the weekend! I am glad that the BBQ worked out. I really thought that we were in for a rainstorm. It was so fun to hang with you guys and to meet Avery and Ian. Give us a call next time you pass through town!

Ghan Family said...

So fun to see you guys!!!! Really glad you got to come up. But look at how well behaved YOUR children look compared to my 2 monsters lol!!