Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Ian

Can you believe he is TWO!! Time goes by to fast. For Ian's birthday we are having a Mickey Mouse Club House Party. He LOVES Mickey Mouse. He would watch it all day if we would let him. This morning I finished up the cake (Tootles with Mickey on to, not my best but it will work) and the whole time Ian would can up to me, put his hand to his mouth and say "Oh Tootles" it was so funny. I will post more pics of the party later tonight so you can see more.

Happy Birthday Ian we love you tons!!!
To watch the slidshow click on it, but first pause the music on the main page.


Thompson Family said...

WOW I have such talented friends when it comes to cake making! You put me to SHAME, BADLY! Great job and HAPPY Birthday Ian! Have fuN!

Kristen Klingler said...

the cake is soo cute! I loved the slide show too! He is so grown up! It goes way too fast and cute invitations as well! Mom of the year award to WHITNEY!!

Garry Chantel said...

I cant believe that your little guy is 2. love ya tons

Jen Hill said...

Way to go on the cake and invitations - so so cute, but of course I wouldn't expect anything less from you Whitney, you are so creative when it comes to that stuff :) I can't believe he is two already!