Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Summer Time

Okay, I have not blogged in such a long time, so I will do a quick check up for you all. First of all we have moved to Woodhaven Michigan; and I enjoy being back in a big town, but most of all being back by family. Garry and Chantel are only 10 min away and Sharon and Gary are a 3 hour drive . So YEAH to being by family. The move went well, I hated the drive, but we made good time, it took about 12 hours!! We have been here for about 2 months and things are starting to settle into place. So here are the things I have not posted about. First being Ian's birthday. It was May 22 and we had a How To Train Your Dragon party. We made shields, dodged fire balls, a pinata, and of course CAKE!! Than after Ian's birthday I started to pack up the house, Brien took boards, and than it was time to move. We moved out on June 24. This just happened to be Max's birthday so we had to postpone the party. When we got here Sharon came down to help with the kids while we unpacked. It was so nice to have her here to help. She also brought a cake for Max and we had a little party. I did have pictures of that day, but our computer crashed, AGAIN, and I lost them. However we did a little party for Max the next week and here are some pictures of that. He did not get into the cake like he did the first time. It was still fun to watch him though.

Then after that my parents came to visit. We had lot of fun with them and enjoyed the time we had with them. Here are some pictures that I took while they were here.

Here we are at Greenfield Village. We fed the ducks, rode the train and the carousel, watched them blow glass, and saw some pretty fun chickens. It was fun, it was hot, and it was good to get in an air conditioned car.
Avery loves the Fancy Nancy Books, and now likes everything to be fancy, even Nana. Here is Avery making Nana look FANCY in the morning. We just loved having Nana and Grandpa with us for two weeks. We do miss seeing them.

Than it was time for Avery's 6th birthday!! (August11) I cannot believe she is SIX she is growing up way to fast. But if you cannot guess we had a Fancy Nancy cake. We sat down together and found the perfect cake for her. She told me just how to make it for her and I think this is the funnest cake I have done so far. Avery was even nice enough to let Brien blow out the candles with her, since his birthday was August 9.

Time is going by so fast, but we are enjoying it all as much as we can. Brien is now in his third year of medical school and I like clinic work much better than book work. I will be done with my bachelors in February. YEAH! Brien asked if I want to keep going and I say with three kids, you gone all time, no, I am done. So I will be celebrating when its over and I am hoping that the stress level will go down as well. But that is the major stuff that has been going on with us, nothing to exciting I Know, but I hope you enjoyed this little recap of the last couple of months.


samsthree said...

i love the cakes. Wow do you hire out? Ya I wish, I wouldn't want to ship one of those. The kids are so cute. Happy Birthday to them all.
PS. I love the wall behind Avery that says family and then has pictures behind her. Is that your house?

McKenzi and Matt Irvin said...

I miss you guys! Your kids are getting so big! Love the cakes whit, you do such a great job. We find out in a month where we go for rotations, hope we end up by you guys! Miss ya!

Farnworth Family said...

I miss my work out buddy :) I'm glad things are going good for your wonderful family!!!