Saturday, May 8, 2010

Max's Faces

Max has been giving us so many funny faces lately.
This one he does to make you smile:) Which is in between bites while he is eating or when he is playing and wants your attention.
Here are the oh so sad faces :(

We get these when we tell him no or whenever I leave the room.
He is definitely a momma's boy and that works for me, most of the time.


Jenny said...

Baby sad faces are hard not to laugh at. Perhaps they are that way so that you don't totally lose it with all the crying that they are capable of?

cindi said...

I think my favorite is the one to make you smile! Everytime I see him I am always commenting to Jeff how stinkin cute he is. I just want to take him home with me!

samsthree said...

Love the faces.

Christen said...

so adorable!!!!