Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter Time

Here we are at the egg hunt at Truman State, the local university. Every year they put on a Easter Egg Hunt for the community. This year the Easter Bunny came and the kids were so excited. Although I was more happy that the frog from the aquatic center came. Seeing all the eggs scattered on the ground the kids had a hard time waiting for them to blow the whistle telling them to go. As the whistle blew the kids were off and of course in two different directions. We were hoping they would stay together so we could film and take pictures of them both; we should have known better. So Ian was caught on film and Avery was caught in pictures at the egg hunt. It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed it too.

This a tradition that I think we will do every year, the kids had so much fun. For our Easter project we made Panoramic Easter Eggs. the kids were so excited when I said we were going to make them, we went to the store to get things to put inside the eggs. Avery wanted to put a pink bunny inside and Ian wanted to put a porcupine inside of his. When we got home and got everything ready Avery told me she wanted a purple egg so we made a purple egg. Ian told me he wanted a yellow egg, (which yellow is his favorite color), but than changed his mine and side he wanted a green egg. I knew I should have just made it yellow, but I thought he really does want a green egg. So just as we were going to put the green sugar in the mold he said NO NO, I want a yellow egg. So I decided since it was just sugar we would make a yellow, after all this was a project for them so I let him do a yellow egg. The kids just loved decorating the eggs, putting the inside together and decorating the outside of the egg. They were having so much fun they didn't want to go to bed, but than what kid really wants to go to bed. Anyways we had fun and I think we will make these eggs every year.


Christen said...

So cool!!! I need to know where you got the stuff so I can do it with the kids next year. so adorable, they would have a blast

samsthree said...

That looks like so much fun. You need to let me know what you use so our kids could do it. The eggs look great,