Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fire Station

Last Friday was the children's social and we went to the fire station. The kids just loved it!! When the firefighter put on all the gear I thought that the kids would be a little scared, but they thought it as kind of cool. Avery just wanted to stand by the firefighter all day. Ian even gave him a high five. When they took us out to see all the fire trucks Ian was in heaven. He kept wanting the firfighter to pick him up, he was so happy. Avery liked to sit in the driver seat and hold on to the steering wheel. But I think they liked it the best when the firefighters slid down the fire poles. We had a lot of fun!!


Clenece said...

How fun...Kaden would love the trucks too! Avery picture there on the side of your blog is way cute!

samsthree said...

I love the fire station. We go to the open house every year. The kids seem to never tire of it. Love the pictures of the kids. Avery you are too cute in your ballet outfit. Keep working hard. Love you guys.